Saturday, April 15, 2017

I had some break from design. Microstocks bring less and less earnings for me so I gave it up. I thought that if I had only few designs on POD sites and can earn few dollars from time time to time I could multiply it - NOPE - it didn't work to :) I've tried Twitter promotions too. I have over 2000 Followers now. 165 clicks daily. I sold something at the beginning on ebay. I've earned 0.06$. I've never sold anything promoted on Twitter. Since I promote on Twitter I've sold some simple, old stripped t-shirt - no fancy designs that I have hundred now in my portfolio. :/ Let me think if I had 20000 followers this means I had like a... 0x20000...

Friday, May 8, 2015

Work and learn

Today I've passed EDX course - Introduction to Java Programming - Part 1, at 63% I don't feel that I've learned a lot... I should rather find some course for dummies. Here we go - I've started 'Think. Create. Code' - Processing.js and I could code graphics at once. It's awesome for graphic designer. :) I'm also subscribed to 'Introduction to Programming with Java' Universidad Carlos III de Madrid - Java for Dummies - great for the start - if you want to not only gain a certificate but also a knowledge and just understand the subject...
I set up my store at boomboomprints and my first artwork were accepted :) My thought about this business... 1) It's to difficult to upload design to multiple products. 2) I couldn't find link to my portfolio...

Cat Onesie

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Daily challenges

Yesterday I've tried to register with different online galleries... Mostly wasting my time.
1)  Easely - Still don't know if they're going to accept my artwork.
2) ByLocalArtists - I was wandering why there are only few artists. Now I know - you need to have business paypal account... :/
3) Vango - sounds great until I found I have to live in US :/
So I finished my profile in Fineartamerica with 25 pictures. No sales until now. I'm not going to pay for a premium account until I sell something.

Artist Equipment

Today I set up my Portfolio account on Crevado. It let you upload up to 30 images and you share their link to your social followers you can get another 30. You can promote your profile with social networks. I'm a little disappointed because they don't let you use follow links... So it's rather useless to have such 'portfolio'.

SiwaBudda Art Portfolio

Friday, March 28, 2014

I'm graphic designer and illustrator from Poland. It's rather hobby but I put my heart in the things that I'm doing. I sell my arts on microstocks but I also search for freelance jobs.
My illustrations were used for newspapers and cover books. Probably most popular is this illustration...