Friday, May 8, 2015

Work and learn

Today I've passed EDX course - Introduction to Java Programming - Part 1, at 63% I don't feel that I've learned a lot... I should rather find some course for dummies. Here we go - I've started 'Think. Create. Code' - Processing.js and I could code graphics at once. It's awesome for graphic designer. :) I'm also subscribed to 'Introduction to Programming with Java' Universidad Carlos III de Madrid - Java for Dummies - great for the start - if you want to not only gain a certificate but also a knowledge and just understand the subject...
I set up my store at boomboomprints and my first artwork were accepted :) My thought about this business... 1) It's to difficult to upload design to multiple products. 2) I couldn't find link to my portfolio...

Cat Onesie

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