Thursday, May 7, 2015

Daily challenges

Yesterday I've tried to register with different online galleries... Mostly wasting my time.
1)  Easely - Still don't know if they're going to accept my artwork.
2) ByLocalArtists - I was wandering why there are only few artists. Now I know - you need to have business paypal account... :/
3) Vango - sounds great until I found I have to live in US :/
So I finished my profile in Fineartamerica with 25 pictures. No sales until now. I'm not going to pay for a premium account until I sell something.

Artist Equipment

Today I set up my Portfolio account on Crevado. It let you upload up to 30 images and you share their link to your social followers you can get another 30. You can promote your profile with social networks. I'm a little disappointed because they don't let you use follow links... So it's rather useless to have such 'portfolio'.

SiwaBudda Art Portfolio

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